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Death and mourning essays **Compare the Jewish laws and traditions surrounding death and mourning to those of another religious tradition: Death and Mourning are very difficult Product Manager- Thunder Bay Press Job Opening in San Diego personal times; they are times that require strength and courage. These times are faced in many different ways, depending on personal beliefs, tradition and religious customs. While Jews generally follow Jewish law, others, such as Hindu’s follow their own beliefs and rituals, which are significantly different to those of Judaism’s. There are many stages to a death; the amount and length vary between religions. In Judaism, after the death occurs, there’s the funeral, the burial, and the mourning period, and depending on personal belief, the afterlife or reincarnation. In Hinduism, after death, the person is usually cremated, and then the funeral takes place, Hindu’s believe in reincarnation, and Karma’s influence over the afterlife. The Hindu mourning period is considerably different to that of Judaism’s, it is not seen as obligatory to mourn, but rather to celebrate the life. Through analyzing the customs and practices of both Hindu, ! and Jewish concepts of death and mourning, it is found that their fundamental beliefs are quite similar, however their practices differ in many ways. Judaism witnesses death as a fact of life, everyone will eventually experience it, it is a summing up of Product Manager- Thunder Bay Press Job Opening in San Diego life’s experiences and should be treated as a meaningful conclusion. The funeral of the deceased is short and simple, it enable friends and relatives to participate in the situation of remembrance. The eulogy is essay topics Giants still have reason to scrap in their season finale. to praise the deceased for his worthy qualities, and to show signs of grief from the community, Judaism requires that the eulogy does not exaggerate qualities as this is seen as mockery to the individual. Burial of the body is a simple task, Jewish law states that the body must be whole, and buried in the earth, and for this reason, they forbid cremation. .

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