Developmental Language Disorder: The most common childhood condition youve never heard of

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Constitutional law issues essays Chap. One In chapter one, the introduction, it gives the reader some background knowledge of the constitution. In this chapter it breaks down the constitution by explaining the articles. For example: Article 1, the legislative power obtained by Congress, Article 2, the executive power obtained by the President of the United States, Article 3, the judicial Power obtained by the courts, it goes on to explain the other articles through article 7. This chapter really focuses on the first three articles of the constitution. In addition explaining these three articles, this book label what Chance the Rappers New Movie article can and cannot do. This chapter asks one question in which I find very interesting, how should the constitution be interpreted? I find this very interesting because in actuality that is to know how the constitution should be interpreted, and how are they to know what and/or how our four fathers meant for this to be interpreted. This may seem a bit childish, however, I strongly feel that an extra piece of information should have been added to the constitution strictly explaining how a particular situation should be handled and in doing so how it should Chance the Rappers New Movie interpreted in the constitution. Chap. Two Chapter Train PhD students to be thinkers not just specialists focuses entirely on the Federal Judicial Power. In my opinion I strongly feel that the Federal Judicial power is by far the strongest power to obtain. I feel this way mainly because of the famous case, Marbury v. Madison 1803. This particular case is the most important decision made in American Law. This case practiced its authority of Judicial Review of presidential and congressional actions. In order for the justices to make their decision Chief Justice John Marshall (who served at that particular time) structured three questions. 1. Does Marbury have a right to commission? 2. Do the laws afford Marbury a remedy? 3. Can the Supreme Court issue the remedy? To the first two question the were both answered with the simple answer ".

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