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Technology and the special needs learner essays ecial need that a student may have. Learning disabilities can be defined as problems in otherwise mentally fit students who are University of Northern Iowa enrolling third round for $25,000 leadership academy to respond to certain aspects of the curriculum presented in regular classrooms because of disorders in one or more basic psychological processes (Snowman 535). A student can be classified as having special needs if, because of a disability, they require special education and related services to achieve their fullest potential. Many times students with learning disabilities appear no different than the children without a learning disability. Most learning disabled children share the same activities as their other classmates. Students with disabilities do have specific learning needs depending on their type of disability and severity. Disabilities can range from Hearing impairment, visual impairment, severe physical disabilities, language impairment, emotional and behavioral problems to mental retardation. Joseph Fischgrund defines hearing impairment as “a generic term indicating a hearing disability that may range in severity from mild to profound. For educational purposes, this generic term consists of two groups of learners, Manikarnika: The Queen of Jhansi: Swati Semwal walks out of Kangana Ranaut-starrer who are deaf and those who are hard of hearing (qtd in Wang 231). There are many typ.

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