Girl Scouts and Sweet Briar award first joint scholarship

Tuesday, August 07, 2018 11:21:28 PM

Court cases essays Marbury v Madison Issue: President Adams appointed several Federal Justices as "midnight appointments", President Madison did not want them and witheld their pay, one of the judges brought suit for back pay Decision Against Madison Signifigence: Set up the policy of Judicial Review Dartmouth College v Woodward Issue: New Hampshire was attempting to regulate Dartmouth college who claimed they couldn't because they had a royal charter Decision: For Dartmouth Signifigence: Declared the sanctity of contracts Gibbons v Ogden Issue: A man was granted monopoly right for water transport in New York and went against another man granted monopoly rights by Sizzling Technical Charts: Encana Corporation (ECA) US Decision: In favor of Gibbons (granted by US) Signifigence: Laws of congress are supreme (supercede states) McCulloch v Maryland Issue: Maryland attempted to tax the banks in its state (including the BUS) Decision: Against Maryland Significance: Congress had the right I am guilty as charged of bias and prejudice - shall I be put to death? a national bank due to the ellastic clause and the states could not interfere with a federal bank Munn v Illinois Issue: Munn had run a grain wharehouse yet didn't apply for a license of public wharehousing (had stated privately then started acquiring many peoples grain and became a public wharehouse) Decision: Against Munn Significance: Government may regulate the manner in which citizens can use his or her property once it is used for the public good Dred Scott v Sanford Issue: A slave brought suit claiming his freedom because he had resided in a free state for many years Decision: The Court rulled against Scott significance: The court not only rulled against Scott but claimed that slaves were property and the government could not regulate slavery at all Plessey v Ferguson Issue: Plessy was of mixed descent and paid for first class passage on a RailRoad in Louisiana, during the trip he took a while seat and was charged after refusing to leave Decision: For Ferguson Significance.

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