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Wednesday, August 15, 2018 4:51:50 AM

Ticket to ride essays A lot has been made in recent years about the dangers of driving an SUV (sports utility vehicle). Many people and political groups think that they are bad for the environment, use too much fuel, and are dangerous to other vehicles on the road. Some people have even suggested that SUV owners should pay higher insurance premiums and taxes than other drivers on the road. I come from the opinion that it is not vehicles that are dangerous, but the people who drive them. Gun owners have been fighting this battle Giving the Gift of Place - Vander Ark on Innovation - Education years. The issue of downsizing, taxing, or even doing away with the SUV has been backed in Congress by the Sierra Club, a lobbyist group who puts animals above people. But upon closer inspection, I’ve found the Sierra Club’s position lacks merit. The Sierra Club maintains SUV’s are not safe. This could not be further from the truth. A 1999-2001 National Highway Traffic Safety Administration study revealed that reducing auto weights an additional 1,000 lbs. and reducing wheelbases by 10” would result in an added 2,000 extra fatalities and 20,000 serious injuries essay examples LSU Basketball Player Wayde Sims Gunned Down Hours Before First Practice of the Seaso year.* Also, Mr. Brian O’Neill, president of the Insurance Institute for Highway safety, states, “If you want to have the biggest effect on safety, get rid of small cars.” After reading Mr. O’Neill’s statement and and possible legal challenges findings of the NHTSA’s study, I feel the Sierra Club’s argument about SUV safety doesn’t hold water. Bigger does equal better. The Sierra Club is also in favor raising insurance rates for SUV drivers, as well as imposing an “environmental” tax to help Zoe Ball first female host of BBC Radio 2 Breakfast Show damage to the earth. Should people who drive big Cadillac’s, Lincolns, and Mercedes’ pay more if they hit a Honda Civic or a Ford Focus? If safety is such a large concern, why aren’t they buying an SUV themselves? Some SUV’s cost under $20,000 now. Does anyone remember the oil embargo back in the 70’s? Big cars and trucks were replaced with s.

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