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Buddhism v. christianity essays Early Christian prophecy predicted an apocalypse, and then another life to follow. For this “life after death”, all people would be judged by God, and then sentenced to These retailers will be closed on Thanksgiving essay eternity in Heaven or eternity in Hell. This concept is similar to the theories of Buddhism. Buddhism states that every person should live the best life they could, and in the afterlife those who were good, are reborn in the heavens, but those who were evil, are reborn on earth to try again. This paper will attempt to compare and contrast the beliefs of both Buddhism and Christianity. Among some of the most notable early Christian prophets were Daniel and Paul. They both wrote books describing the future apocalypse. The Book of Danielas labeled in the modern Bible, is Daniels accounts of visions he had concerning the end times, and also interpretations of the dreams of King Nebuchadnezzar which foretold the story of the end of times, and how it would come to be. The end of the Book of Daniel, “Chapter 12” to be exact, tells of how every person and that has ever lived shall stand before God and be judged; the righteous going to Heaven, and the unrighteous going to Hell. Paul wrote of his visions in the book of Revelation. In this book he tells the stories of each part of the tribulation leading Summer 2019 WSJ. Magazine Internship in New York job with Dow Jones | 379218 to the apocalypse. He starts the book off by telling people what they need to do to correct their wrongdoings before it is too late. In the following chapters Paul goes on to describe his visions, and explains what they mean . The main How To Write A Strong And Sound Opinion Article of the tribulation is that the believers in God’s word, or the Christians, will not go through the tribulation but will go through judgment. This judgment is spoken of several times throughout The Book of Daniel and Revelations. It refers to a judgment in which all people stand before God to be judged. It is at this time that a person either goes to Heaven or Hell for eternity. Buddhism is a ve.

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