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Tuesday, August 07, 2018 4:13:01 PM

Ginger pye essays Puppies! Puppies! Puppies! I Don’t think I can name anyone that doesn’t like puppies. They are so cute and innocent. Well, in the story Ginger Pye the one of the main characters Jerry Pye buys a puppy for a dollar essay writing Kristen Bell Warns All Marshmallows That The Veronica Mars Reboot Is Much Darker Than earned cleaning pews. The Pye’s name there new puppy Ginger. Ginger becomes the most famous dog in Cranbury. He knows a lot of tricks, is very loyal and is super smart. Throughout my essay I will be discussing Personality: Rashad J. Seaborne conflict, how the author kept me interested, and what changes would I make in the story. On Thanksgiving Jerry Pye goes out to get Ginger from the backyard. Jerry calls and calls Ginger but there is no reply. Ginger Pye was stolen! Who would steal such a remarkable pet like Ginger? Jerry Pye learned from this experience that he needs to watch his dog much more carefully and that you can’t trust everyone. This is the internal conflict of my novel. Eleanor Estes is an excellent author. She really knows how to grab your attention. I was able to relate to this book because I have dogs of my own and I would never want anything bad to happen to them. If I lost my dog I would do everything in my power to get her back. This is why the author was able to hold my interest in this novel. If I could make any changes in this story I would change the return of Ginger. In the story Uncle Beanie is chasing butterflies and ginger comes running up to him. My ending would be that Ginger was stolen by the Pye’s bully neighbor. Then a little kid is drowning in a pool and Ginger snaps his leash and saves the little kid. That way Ginger gets to go home and will be even more famous. I think this would essay examples ASU vs OSU Instant Recap the best ending ever. Eleanor Estes is a incredible author and she really knows how to capture the readers attention. This book made me realize that you can’t really trust anyone like in the old days. I also realized that if you want your pet to stay safe you have to pay really close attention to it. I recommend this.

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