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The oresteian trilogy essays The Oresteian Trilogy The growing green grass, inching its way up towards the heavens. The warm, oozing apple pie that mom just put in the oven, gurgling and bubbling as it cooks in the heat. The baby bird that, after so much preparation, has finally learned to fly away from its nest and from it's mother. What do these situations have in common? The answer is simple: change. But what is change, and how does it affect the world today? The Oresteian Trilogy invites the readers into the dawn of a new era for women, and the rocky climb to a new justice system. Who is more dominant, a man or a woman? That all depends on what time period and who the reader is asking. In the time period of the play, men were known to be more dominant, but then came Clytemnestra, queen of Argos. Clytemnestra knew she was strong and able to rule, and when her time came she was ready to serve Zeus: "Zeus, Zeus, Fulfiller! Now fulfil these prayers of mine!" (76) She was a dangerous woman, although beneath her venom was a deep, inconsolable pain. This pain was caused by her husband Agamemnon, when he sacrificed essay topics Animoca Brands to acquire majority stake in Hong Kongs AI accelerator Zeroth daughter, Iphigenia, in essay writing Chaminade QB Brady Cook gives Mizzou early pledge to complete the capture of Troy. Agamemnon was not your typical guy either. He portrays himself as an over-masculine guy, but readers can see right through him. Deep down he cannot stand up to his wife and falls into her revengeful hands, and into his own doom. The women of this play are portrayed to be strong intelligent characters, while the men are shown to be easily influenced by women. The chorus in the second play, Clytemnestra's female servants, despise Clytemnestra and co-conspire with Orestes and Electra. This shows that the chorus was loyal to their past ruler, Agamemnon, and reliable, no matter what the circumstances. The chorus of the first play was represented differently. This first chorus, made up of elderly men, were too weak to fight in the war: "in weakness youth and age are one" (44). They were d.

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