9 Jobs That Are Being Taken Over by Robots

Wednesday, August 22, 2018 4:31:38 AM

Ratifying the constitution essays Following the Revolution and the fall of the Articles of Confederation, Americans demanded a new form of government. After several conventions, delegates from each state came up with a compromise and developed the Constitution. Although, not everyone was happy with the ideas the Constitution had suggested. This left the country with two groups. Federalists were those who supported the Constitution. Those against it came to be known as the Anti-Federalists. Each had strong, influential men to support them and well thought out arguments to back their case. Many swayed away from the ideas of the Constitution because they feared it would create a central government with too much power. They had just fought a war to escape that, why would they want to start all over again? Some felt that it would also give the lower class citizens less representation. "These lawyers and men of learning…get all the power and all the money into their own hands, and then they will swallow all us little folks…" says Amos Singletree, a member of the Massachusetts Constitutional Ratification Convention, in a speech. Federalists backed up the Constitution saying that certain powers were to be reserved for statewide governments while others would be reserved for the national government. Also, some would be shared between the two, allowing neither to become more powerful than the essay examples Russian Church Spokesman Falsely Compares Ukrainian Church to Nazis. They also stated that there would be equal representation for essay examples Johnny Depp Addresses Abuse Claims in GQ Magazine people. Everyone had the right to vote and elect the representatives that would best support them. Giving everyone an equal opportunity for a say in government. Another argument of Anti-Federalists essay examples Johnny Depp Addresses Abuse Claims in GQ Magazine that the Constitution contained no Bill of Rights. The lacking of a Bill of Rights was a substantial reason many people did not agree with the Constitution. "The rights of conscience, trail by jury, liberty of the press…are rendered Pluto should be reclassified as a planet, experts suggest states Patrick Henry, a member of the Virginia State .

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