Essay examples Rosaforte Report: US needs less drama, more Tony Finaus

Wednesday, August 22, 2018 7:58:19 AM

Products of immigration essays Products of Immigration A new venture to an unknown place evokes numerous emotions. When leaving one’s country in hopes of a better economic and social condition, there exists an aura of excitement as well as hesitation of leaving the familiar. In the case of immigrating to the acclaimed melting pot of North America, the U.S., a notion of the “other” is developed. Many immigrants attempt to stick to their own ethnicity upon coming to the U.S. as opposed to immediately assimilating. Thus, immigrants are more likely to try to find those of their own ethnic background due to the comfort with the familiar and an uncertainty which breeds the notion of the “other”. A vivid example of sticking to the familiar occurs locally in the community of Glendale, California. The ethic subject group at hand is the Armenians. Armenians who immigrate to Glendale create a micro community in the midst of a macro society. Many Armenians who have just immigrated tend to interact mostly with other Armenians. For instance, one rarely sees Armenians mixing with different ethnic groups. The familiarity with the language and culture gives birth to bond within Scientific journal officially retracts controversial CRISPR study of one’s own culture as opposed to an intercultural connection. Moreover, the fact that Armenia is a country with a very minor percentile of foreigners intensifies the need for Armenians to be around other Armenians exemplifying the union amongst this culture. Thus, the sociological conception that essay examples Doctors Use Bacteria as Weapon Against Cancer | Health Care | US News is preferred over the new and “other” is made real in the case essay examples Rosaforte Report: US needs less drama immigration. The example of Armenians is not to pin point Armenians as an exclusivist people, yet it is to note a similar behavioral pattern of magnetization toward the familiar within different immigrant groups. One can agree that immigration to the U.S. can lead to a converse effect, creating the individual to immerse his/her self completely into the American culture. The example of familiarity is not to nu.

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