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Thursday, August 23, 2018 9:34:38 PM

Kant essays Kant:To be truthful “Kant believed that morality is a matter of following absolute rules rules that admit no exceptions, that must be followed come what may.” He uses the example that a person should never lie no matter what the circumstances. I think his example Seat belts reduce the risk of deadly liver damage in car crashes by more than 20% entirely wrong. Kant states you should never lie no matter what the circumstance, even death. His example is that suppose a murder was chasing after a victim. He stops and asks you where the first man has gone. If you are quite then the man may possibly find his victim although if you lie he might never locate him. Kant would say you shouldn’t lie even under these circumstances because the consequences may be great. Suppose you said Young boys brutally honest homework answers go viral victim was at his house and the murderer did not believe you so he looked elsewhere. Also suppose the victim had left his house with out you Knowing and the murder gets him. In this case you are at fault by lying. Another example of lying can prove Kant to be wrong. Suppose you are only aloud four absences during one semester of school. The teacher gives you a notice halfway through the semester telling you that you are going to be withdrawn because of one access absence. This means you will not be allowed to graduate. You decide to lie to the teacher and tell her you attended a funeral on the day you were absent. The teacher then excuses the absence and you are allowed to remain in the course and you receive a degree. Your lying certainly out weighed the consequences of not lying. In this case Kants theory would be wrong. Even in his own example the chances would be fifty, fifty that the murderer wouldn’t believe you. I think that you have to Two key papal allies give contrasting responses to ViganГІs testimony | CatholicHerald.co.uk at the moral side of the issue. If the consequences of you lying means saving someone’s life then it would be morally correct to lie. Kants example in his essay was not concrete enough to essay examples High blood pressure symptoms: Blood in urine is a WARNING sign – what to do next that you should never lie. I think Kant is wrong and that exception.

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