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Wednesday, August 22, 2018 5:06:08 AM

Marcus brutus-a memorial essays Ryan Bay 5-B English Marcus Brutus A Tribute for a Roman A man by the name of Marcus Brutus once stormed through the Halls of Rome showing us the power of honesty and life. He gave us a war to fight for and a fight to live for. Today I stand on this lonely square and talk about a man who rose up from the enemy and challenged an emperor, a man by the name of Marcus Brutus. He was born in 85 b.c. to Junius and Servilia Brutus who we know today for expelling the Tarquins and destroying the monarchy. Today we know Brutus as an honest gentleman but he was not always the honest man, for in every man’s life there are what we call “ The Dark Hours”. We all know of The Great Caeser’s death, so I believe I do not have to explain myself but I am not here to bring down Brutus. I am here to explain his life so that the generations to came may look and actually know who he was then if it were a man created by history tales. Some of us even belive that he was the son of Caeser for Caeser was in love with Servilia but like I said History is just a tale. Marcus Brutus had a wife and her name was Portia. She was the daughter of Cato, Brutus’s uncle, but unfortunately she died also. Some of us ask if Brutus had any children and he did he had two who were put to death by us, his friends. Yet there is a story that he had a third child who was but an infant and this child will carry Brutus’s soul and pass it Wolf Alice are worthy winners – but the Mercury prize must think bigger to his children and so on. Brutus had a voice of a million angels and the spirit of a raging bull. When Pompey and Caeser took up arms Wolf Alice are worthy winners – but the Mercury prize must think bigger was thought that Brutus would of sided with Caeser for Pompey had put to death his father. But as we have seen Brutus before he seems to take up the interest of the public, he killed Caesar for this reason and joined Pompey for this reason also. I would never have enough time to explain Brutus’s life for it was filled with adventures that none other could imagine. Even though h.

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