3 Guys from Brooklyn celebrates its 20th anniversary

Monday, August 13, 2018 5:40:35 AM

Weman in the american revolution essays eOne of the many examples of a women who supported the American revolution is Deborah Samson. October 1778 she disguised herself as a man and enlisted in the American Army. Her name as a soldiers was Robert Shirtliffe. She was in the army for three years and wounded twice her gender was not found out until she got a brain fever. The doctor said nothing about her gender and sent her to live with his family so she would receive better health care. She was sent home after this with a note of advice and enough money to get her home. Other women besides Deborah Samson were soldiers in the American Army. A British Courier was assailed by Rachel and Grace Martin. Margaret Corbon took her husband’s place in the artillery after he died. Ann Trotter Baily left her seven year-old son with a neighbor and joined the army desgined as 3 Guys from Brooklyn celebrates its 20th anniversary man. Many women also spied for the American army. Lydia Barringto Darragh informed American officers of British plans. In 1774 Ann Trotter Bailey carried messages through British territory. The “Mother Of The Boston Tea Party,” Sarah Bradlee Fulton delivered despatches across enemy territory. General Sumter was delivered a message by Emily Geiger. She rode fifty miles on TV Shows back through Tory and British Territory. Women were also nurses during this Ann Warner whose husband was a captain received the title “The Heroine of Growton.” She essay on New on Hulu October 2018 - Movies this title because she bravely saved many soldiers at the massacre at Griswald. She also went door to door colecting bandages for the wounded men. .

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