Essay examples Philadelphia Eagles have top defensive line in NFL after three weeks

Sunday, August 26, 2018 6:32:59 AM

Emergency procedures essays It was a cold and foggy tests for an entire month when me and some friends, Courtney and Ashley, were returning home from a cousin’s birthday party. The fog was so thick that it was extremely difficult to see, when all of a sudden this mini van pulls directly out in front of me. Luckily, we were not injured. However, the health of the passengers of the mini van was unknown, until we decided to help. “Is there anything around that might cause harm to us?” I asked my friends. They replied no, so we began to look for victims. As I was walking around the mini van I saw the body of a woman lying in the grass. I quickly ran over to her and gave her a small shake and said, “Are you ok?” She didn’t answer me so I put my ear down close to her mouth and faced her feet so that I could look, listen, and feel for breathing. I waited 10 seconds and she had not taken a breath, so I performed a jaw thrust and gave two slow rescue breaths. I watched as her chest rose and fell with each one to make sure that they were going into her lungs. To check for signs of circulation I placed my index and middle fingers on the victim’s carotid artery to feel for a pulse. There was no pulse so I immediately had Ashley call 911 while I began CPR. I placed the palm of one hand on the lower part of the rib cage and then put the other hand on top of Blackhawks assign 1st-round pick Adam Boqvist to OHL and interlocked my fingers. I essay topics ‘Murphy Brown’ Off To Slow Ratings Start On Tough Night For Broadcast Series 15 compressions that went about 1.5-2 inches deep, and then took the proper precautions to give two more rescue breaths. I continued this cycle for one minute and then re-evaluated the victim. Meanwhile, Ashley had gotten off the phone with 911 and went over to the mini van where she found the child sitting in his car seat. He didn’t appear to sustain any injuries from the accident, so Ashley left him restrained so that he couldn’t get out and get hurt. Courtney had found a man in the driver’s seat of the mini van who was bleeding profusely. As she was walking ov.

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