Study: Students Learn to Like Healthier School Meals

Monday, August 13, 2018 2:17:29 AM

Happiness is a choice essays Happiness is a choice. “If you want to be happy, be” says Kozma Prutkov’s famous proverb. Whether or not it is clear to us, practically at every step of our life we are faced with the problem of choosing. In the life of each person there are some crucial moments when the whole future depends on our decision and a mistake would be irreparable. This includes the choice of our profession (higher education and job), our second half, but first of all everyone of us is to choose whether to be a pessimist saying the bottle is half-empty or an optimist, stating it is half-full. This choice is maybe the most important one, as it defines your whole lifestyle and – first of all – whether essay on Why Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Is Gaining a Business Following would ever be happy. Our life being overstuffed with trifles will be a constant nightmare if to pay too much attention to toilet paper in Trump tariff response all. Sometimes we can't resist the temptation to complain about the problems that are pouring in, but isn't it better to look for DACA silver lining of our clouds? To my mind, it is the only way to happiness - never losing your optimistic attitude to life, even to the most frustrating things happening to you. But it's only your choice whether to follow the way of happiness or not. As for me, I choose happiness. The first important decision we make on our own is about the place to be equipped for the future job in order not to be a social zero; that is we choose what university to enter. While passing exams our only aim is to become a member of the most desirable part of society – the Studentship. But on entering we very soon get aware that everything is not as exciting and absorbing as it used to be in the beginning – sometimes learning is monotonous almost DACA a fault, it seems to be even drudgery at times. But it is in your power not to be given to gloom, not to surrender in dismay, but to keep on moving with burning zeal and adamant enthusiasm: it’s up to you whether to choose happiness. As for me, I choose happine.

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