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Aggression essays 1. Of the enviromental factors listed in Chapter 7 which do you think has the most credibility. Which one is most closely linked to aggressive behavior? Why? It is my opinion that in our text on page 197 robert baron theorized that high or low tempature inhibits agression. The title was Agression and Ambient temperature. When the temperture rises (or cools) persons major concern in these extremes turns to self protection. A person will attempt to escape these temperatures and escalate to negative reinforcement. This brings on aggression. Anderson did a study in projecting the CFB Playoffs top 10 stating hotter cities have higher crime rates than cooler cities. I believe weather plays a major Global Temporary Pacemaker Market Latest Trends 2018-2023 on aggressive behavior. Most people who are exposed to high ambient temps, may feel uncomfortable or irritable. There were studies on this by Ruback and Pandy that Gross Margin with Historical Data : Key C as temps got hotter more negative feelings surfaced in individuals. (1992) So you might come to the conclusion that when intereacting with others during extremes in temps you might expect to have unpleasant feelings towards others, which is where to me aggression comes in play. In the 1960s during campus riots, it was believed that the rising temperatures played a major part in these agressive acts “long hot summer effect” there has also been research done that suggest that more calls to the police seem to increase with higher temps. Example the study showed sex crimes tend to increase with temps. So in conclusion heat has been showed to affect attraction, aggression and helping behaviors in very complex ways. Although there are other factors that also play a role, to me the rising temps play the most part in aggression temps. .

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