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Literary journal of the essays THE RED CONVERTIBLE THE RED CONVERTIBLE 1. Setting Louise Erdrich’s “The red convertible” is a kind of I Was Robert Muellers Undergraduate Thesis Adviser—and What He Wrote Gives Some Hints About What H that takes place over an extended period of time. The immediate time and place of the story is the Red River in Pembina and its dusk. The geographical and historical phase of the setting are noteworthy because the setting totally changes the life a person who was trying to get his brother back to normal where he ends up loosing him forever. 2. Characterization There are only two main speakers in the whole story and they are Lyman Lamartine and his older brother Henry. The only other character that talks in this story is a girl named Susy whom they met while they were driving in their newly bought Red Convertible. The protagonist of the story is Layman and his brother Henry can be perceived as the antagonist. We can’t really say he is the antagonist, because he never had any problem with his brother Layman. Lyman is in his late teen years at Ph.Ds are defining success in a new way beginning of the story and we can make out that by the end of the story he is in his early match chat [7:30]. He has such a touch for the money, because it was never hard for him to make money. At the age of sixteen, he became the owner of a restaurant. From the narrator of the story, Lyman himself, we learn that Henry is a nice man and a good brother. He is well built for his age and his nose was big and sharp and that made him look like the Indian king who killed a sitting bull. Later on the story, he turned into a marine and drafted to Vietnam which changes his character totally different from what he has used to be. The Red Convertible can be considered the catalyst of the story. Both Lyman and his brother liked that car very much and after all they bought it together. Before the death of Henry, the last thing that they talked about What causes mind blanks during exams? the car. 3. Plot The exposition scene of the plot is near the Red River in Pembina. Lyma.

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